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Notes on Theatre Therapy for Children With Autism by Courtney Wheater (Emmett)

There has not been a lot of research conducted on this subject so when reviewing the literature, the topic must be considered from the perspectives of Autism, theatre, theatre-therapy, and theatre-therapy for children with Autism. The literature that has been reviewed has all supported the idea that theatre could be used to help children with […]

O.R. – Plan A Draft Survey Questions (Ella)

(10/23/2020) PRE-FILM SURVEY QUESTIONS How do you feel about the legalization of same sex marriage in the US in 2015? (Dissatisfied, no opinion, satisfied) Do you think being a drag queen is a violation of Christianity? (Yes, no) How do you think drag culture has affected the progression of gay rights? (Negatively, no effect, Positively) […]

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