OR Data Analysis

The p value of the Berger-Parker v Diabetes (All) % is 0.04 rounded to the hundredths, as seen in this data set the lower percent diabetes has a higher number of evenness using the Berger-Parker diversity index and the higher percent diabetes has a lower number of evenness.The p value of the Shannon v Diabetes […]

Art Brut in the 21st Century Notes on a Lecture by Barbra Safarova

Notes The term art brut was invented by French painter Jean Dubuffet in the 1945 in 1945, and he actually refused to define the word argued for a very long time. He wrote in one of his texts, Arbroath is our route and everyone has understood not quite well. Came after IIWW after the Second […]

Esprii Chapman – Original Research Master Post – 01/14/20

Preface From December I wrote that “I would like to create an algorithm that mimics COMPAS’s risk assessment, but with a lighter topic. Creating something along the lines of an algorithm that can predict your favorite superhero based on what people of similar demographics like. It obviously wouldn’t be perfect but that’s what I want […]

OR Graphs

“Subset”- data organized only by dining type “All”- data where restaurants with the same cuisine and dining type are mixed together Abundance Graphs- using same numbers as “All” data, graphs in final paper with be more clearly labelled.

Esprii Chapman – Interview with Dr. David Luebke – 12/25/20

Full interview can be found here, there was not enough time for a follow-up, however my main question was answered. Main takeaway: – Algorithms are insanely complex and even if transparency was achieved, they couldn’t necessarily be viewed due to their complex and hidden-layer training. Link to download and watch the interview:


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