The Power of Meditation, Documentary (Ellie)

The Power of MEDITATION - Awesome BBC Documentary - YouTube

This Documentary’s main focus is how mindfulness can help with the recovery of physical illness. It begins with Matthieu Ricard, one of the Dali llamas personal french interpreters, as well as a trained molecular biologist, was described as one of the “happiest men alive,” offers to teach just what mindfulness practices can do, as well as discussing the science behind meditation and mental health. His belief is that meditation should be “demystified” for there is a scientific base to all of this.

“Through meditation found the ability to start a new career, reconnect with old friends, and start living my life to the fullest. In short, I rebuilt my life from the bottom up. Today, just 12 years later I’m completely fulfilled. I love what I do professionally, I have the most wonderful family and friends around me, and I feel grateful for everyday I live. For so many years I was miserable when I had all the gifts life could bestow. It took, what I thought at the time was, a death sentence for me to wake up and start living. I knew these “secrets” I had uncovered could help anyone live an extraordinary life, but imagine my shock when I learned how many rich, successful and famous people had used the EXACT same process to achieve all that he had achieved….”

-Jason Stephenson, The Power of Meditation [Video file]. In The Power of Meditation. Retrieved from 35:45

Mindfulness meditation has been known to aid with cardiac arrhythmia, allergies, anxiety, depression, bronchial asthma, cold sores, ulcers, diabetes, constipation, help lower blood pressure and cholesterol and it has even been known to help with infertility. Not only does it calm the mind but also can help in the relief of physical pain.

Meditation helps with relaxation, and in many cases can cause breathing level and pulse to fall below normal, in state of total and complete relaxation. This Relaxation response may be able to help with certain medical conditions, for stress has shown to play a part in many ailments. It is important to note this is in combination with diet and other mindfulness practices one does.

Sykes, K. (Director). (2016). The Power of Meditation [Video file]. In The Power of Meditation. Retrieved from

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