Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body from Mindfulness Magazine, article 10/13 (Ellie)

Healing with Mindfulness

Stress is one of the leading factors when it comes to illness. By practicing mindfulness you are teaching your body to react differently when put in a stressful situation, this puts your body physically at ease, and healing will follow.

Mindfulness and Inflammation: Inflammation has been identified as the “slow burn” that fuels disease. There are many different kinds of inflammation, Acute inflammation is when your body is attempting to fight off infection and your blood vessels constrict to stop any bleeding, which allows inflammation-promoting cells to flood the injured area, triggering scab formation. Metaflammation is a deep painful burn that is said to feel like embers burning deep beneath your skin.

Practicing mindfulness includes many factors. You can’t expect your target issue to be solved overnight. A study conducted in 2012, in a course for mindfulness based stress reduction, reduced reactive protein, a large contribution to inflammation.

When you are under physical stress, you nerve endings actually release something called “Substance P” which is a chemical “messenger” that communicates to other cells in the body to cause inflammation. Mindfulness Combats this for it allows your mind to be at ease, entailing you to physically be more relaxed as well.

Mindfulness and Your Immune System:

The immune system is the most important factor in our physical wellness. There has been mounting evidence supporting mindfulness practices and its benefits on the immune system. In 2016, the New York Academy of Science conducted 20 randomized control trials where they examined the effects of mindful meditation on the immune system. These practices evidently helped reduce inflammation, increase the number of CD4 cells (cells in the immune system which send signals to other cells informing them to destroy infections) and also increased telomerase activity, which helps promote chromosome stability and prevent their deterioration.

Altshul, Sara, et al. “Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body.” Feel Better With Mindfulness, vol. 6, 2020, pp. 12–33.

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