Younger Original Research

Here is a pdf of my original research:

A link as well (may require an Overleaf account to view):

I will also post the pdf on the ST RE 2 classroom assignment.

Here are links to the spreadsheets used to create the graphs in the document:

A few reflections on my Original Research:


  • I think that it will be be helpful for writing my thesis paper. There is already a lot of writing within my OR, some of which can be used in my thesis paper. Other parts can be used as a guide to hone my points within my paper.
  • Most, if not all, of the exhibits can be transferred over to my thesis paper.
  • The data provide a supporting argument for my thesis, which will be helpful to draw on as I write.

Looking forward:

  • There may be aspects which I will need to refine for my final paper.
  • I am still considering an additional “Local Model”, which will be supplementary original research to provide another perspective for my paper. If I decide to include this model in my paper, I will work on it as I develop my paper.

A brief check-in with my Timeline:

Although I will take a short break from ST in the first part of Winter Break to focus on essays for scholarships, honors programs, etc… for the schools that I’ve applied to, I see no drastic changes in my timeline for writing my thesis paper.

Should I decide to include the Local Model, I plan to complete it in the first two weeks of January (my target is January 15, which allows me incorporate the Local Model as I finish outlining pages and am working on drafting). Much of the model “infrastructure” has been built in the original research above, so it will be a matter of adjusting and supplementing the infrastructure for the smaller scale and different supply chain considerations.

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