Measured Meals

(Mudry, Jessica J.. Measured Meals, Nutrition in America. State University of New York Press, 2009.)

  • 1862-USDA established (21)
  • Beginning in 1970’s obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease began to rise, so the proposed reduction of fats, but by reducing fats they increased starches, and the rates continued to rise (105)
  • 1990’s Dr. Willet criticizes the Food Pyramid as being “wishy-washy” and “scientifically unfounded” (117)
  • Monounsaturated fats raise HDL(good fats) and lower LDL(bad fats) (120)
  • 1980 survey shows France has a lower rate of coronary heart disease (124)
  • Scientists hypothesized  it was the French consumption of wine (125)
  • “Science gave America a quantified reason for drinking wine and then eliminated the need to drink it all together.” on the CardioFlav 500, a pill that supposedly contained all the benefits of wine (126) 
  • Oldways Mediterranean Diet circa 2000’s, brings in the idea of healthy eating being an established cultural thing (128)
  • The attempt to have Americans eat a healthier culture’s diet led to the food being quantified for its nutritional benefits (128)
  • The articles on French diets only talked about what was eaten and not the traditions surrounding meals (129)
    • The French Paradox is most likely explained by the fact that many are farmers and have an active lifestyle, and their meals are long and relaxed affairs (129)

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