Original Research Methodology Procedure (Ella)

The film Paris is Burning was selected due to its strong emotional appeal and its representation of the research topic. A pre-film survey, immediate post-film survey, and a secondary post-film survey were all written. These surveys were written based upon survey writing research from Harvard, the argument my traditional research supports, as well as advice from my committee. Two times were scheduled for the film screenings (12/4 at 6:30 and 12/5 at 1:00), and the information was sent out to the Renaissance School students and faculty. Nine individuals signed up to participate.

On the days of the screening, the participants were asked to fill out the pre-film survey. Once completed, I sent the participants to watch the film on YouTube because my internet was too poor to livestream. When the participants finished viewing the films, they were asked to fill out the immediate post-film survey. A week later on 12/11, an email was sent to each of the participants with the secondary post-film survey and a thank you note for participating in my research.

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