OG Research Letter #2

Letter #2 

Bill number: HB1356


Location: House court of Justice Committee

Who to reach out to:

December 2, 2020

Dear Delegate Herring,

My name is Elsa Ferguson and I am a high school senior at Renaissance School in Charlottesville, VA.  I am reaching out today to advocate for the removal of legislation permanently from the docket. HB 1356 is a bill that must not be passed to ensure professional respect for the choices made by Virginians of reproductive age. 

HB 1356 would require physicians to inform patients of the availability of medications to interrupt a medication-based abortion after a woman has taken medication in preparation for the procedure. If passed, this bill would create a dynamic of mistrust during the medical procedure. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is made for a number of important reasons including economic security, the health and happiness of existing children, and the health and happiness of the woman receiving the abortion. Once that decision is made, requiring the physician to create doubt in the woman’s mind after already taking the medication puts in question a woman’s ability to choose what is best for her and her family.  In the recent and well-attributed Turnaway Study, findings showed that 99% of women said having an abortion was the right choice 5 years later.

It would be ethical to inform the patient of the availability of reversal medication before the process of the procedure has begun and while the woman is still weighing out her options, not after her choice has been made. 

Please hear my words and share them with your fellow members of the House. I thank you graciously for your time and consideration. 


Elsa Ferguson

Renaissance School

Charlottesville, VA

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