Adam Momper Interview Notes

Momper, Adam. Personal Interview. 23 October 2020

10/23/20 15:00-16:00

Adam Momper is a Supply Chain Administrator at UVA. Moved from Ambulatory to Supply Chain.

Video can be accessed at:

UVA Hospital’s SCM system:
  • UVA Hospital uses a “Low Unit of Measure” system:
    • Outside distributor
      • Owens and Minor
    • Medline
    • Cardinal Health
  • Also a Con-bon system:
    • ‘4 days and 4 days’: There are 4 days of supplies available at any point in time
  • Owens and Minor makes 3 deliveries a day to UVA (they have a distribution center 45 minutes away)
  • UVA has a small offsite warehouse on Ivy Road
UVA Hospital’s Response to/Experience with COVID:
  • In March, they bought 6 months (based on historical data) of extra PPE
  • Some items will have seasonal adjustments
    • Needle usage will increase during flu season, N95’s not so much
  • Significant Fedex/UPS delays
    • Flights in early march delayed (“Hectic”)
  • Had some contracts+ connections through Darden
  • Placed restrictions/rations on equipment
  • Avoided being ‘burned’ – paying for supplies without receiving them
  • Finally got some large orders in
  • One of UVA’s pathologists developed 3d printed swab sticks (
  • We blew through the SNS (
    • SNS will be essential- and regional
    • Distributors can sell to states, who support a coalition of hospitals in a geographic region
    • Longer term solutions
      • Take risk away from hospitals/distribute it among them
      • Define who will get what and how
      • Detailed plan on the state/federal level
  • Pandemic might push to more manufacturing closer the Americas
  • Global Supply Chain is still sporadic
  • 6-months package had mixed results but was a pretty good estimate
    • Short on gloves
  • UVA had to increase partnerships
    • Owens and Minor does some quality control
    • “Value Analysis/Management Department”
      • Stuck to the vetting process (e.g. demanding samples before paying for items on the ‘Grey Market’)


  • ‘Don’t stop buying’ but be strategic
  • Determine demand first
  • Write about “If the market can’t supply you with swabs, then model doesn’t matter” in your thesis
  • Be innovative
  • Look up CDC PPE Calculator

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