Interview Emails for Original Research (Emmett)

These are emails from 2 of my possible interviewees. I will be interviewing Joshua Tucker tonight at 6:00. They are on the autism spectrum, and have extensive theater experience. I will also likely reach out to Ms. Goodbar’s daughter. She is also on the autism spectrum, and has done theater in the past. I hope that they will both be great resources for my original research

UPDATE: 12/11/2020

I successfully interviewed Joshua Tucker. Meanwhile, Ms. Goodbar’s daughter didn’t want to be interviewed. So I went to plan B; reach out to a few more people, specifically who have done research with Dramatherapy, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Here are just a few of the contacts that I have reached out to.

Vikram Jaswal said that Dramatherapy wasn’t quite his specialty. However, he did provide me with some good contacts.

Matthew Lerner was someone who I was looking forward to interviewing. However, he just recently had a baby, so he was unable to look at my email (an autoresponse was sent)

Stephanie Tharp, who is part of UVA’s STAR (Supporting Transformative Autism Research) program, and who also has an autistic son, agreed to be interviewed. She and I are in the process of setting up a time to conduct the interview.

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