Written Testimony of Genevieve Plaster, M.A., in Support of Making the Hyde Amendment Permanent Law

opposing argument:

One out of every nine children born to a mother on Medicaid since 1976 has the Hyde Amendment to thank”(Plaster).

“By saying the Hyde Amendment has “saved lives,” I am referring to the prevented abortions due to women deciding to continue their pregnancies and give birth to their children in the absence of public funding. More than 20 peer-reviewed studies published in academic journals have found a reduction in abortion rates following the enactment of the Hyde Amendment or other laws that limit public funding of abortion. Numerous studies examining state data show not only the abortion rate reduction, but also an increased birthrate”(Plaster).

“With a rigorous methodology, Dr. New identifies solid, appropriately designed studies that examine the decrease of abortion rates following the enactment of a public funding limitation. Finding the average rate of decrease to be 1.52, he then applies this rate to state-specific data – namely, the number of years and months each state has had an implemented Medicaid funding limitation for abortion, as well as each state’s abortion rate”(Plaster).

“Claire, a young woman who experienced an unplanned pregnancy at age 17 and said in a recent news article, “I felt hopeless and alone.”[8] She explained that if Medicaid funding for an abortion had been available, it would have been tempting to go ahead and have an abortion. Instead, she reached out for support, was accompanied to a pregnancy care center where she saw the first ultrasound of her son, and decided to continue her pregnancy. Now, a year later, Claire reflects: “I don’t know what I would do without him… That’s my baby””(Plaster).


  • has enjoyed bipartisan support for 40 years,
  • was re-affirmed as constitutional in 1980,
  • enjoys support from nearly seven in 10 Americans[9] (including even 51 percent of those self-identifying as “pro-choice”[10]; 44 percent of Democrats[11]; 65 percent of African Americans; 61 percent of Latinos; 58 percent of millennials; and 63 percent of women[12]); and
  • has saved an estimated two million lives.


Plaster, Genevieve. “Written Testimony of Genevieve Plaster, M.A., in Support of Making the Hyde Amendment Permanent Law.” Charlotte Lozier Institute, 2016, lozierinstitute.org/testimony-plaster-hyde/.

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