OG Research Methodology

How will my OG Research connect to my paper?

1.) background on three Connected topics shown above 2.) what I believe is the ethical response to each 3.) how each topic applies locally in VA 4.) the activism efforts such as lobbying I have made in response to #2 5.) What worked and what did not?

Objective: lobby to local government officials to make a concentrated effort to voice concern for women’s reproductive rights surrounding access to abortion. I will suggest local improvements that are inclusive of all the different experiences of women to take a step in the right direction with an holistic/intersectional approach to policies. My focus is on the disadvantages of low-socioeconomic women vs. wealthier women when it comes to access of reproductive healthcare, specifically abortion. 

Contribute to my research by:

  • Consolidating my ideas 
  • Actively advocating for the meaning of my thesis
  • Measuring representative response on certain issues 


  1. Research VA current legislation on the table, policies concerning my three topics and make a list of specific legislation and changes that I see fit. Policy Tracker: https://www.guttmacher.org/state-policy
  2. Make a concrete advocacy plan: what is my hook? How can it be trendy?
  3. Activism starts! Reach out to officials with my concrete advocacy plan
  4. Map representative response and analyze what has worked and what has not

Sources for Making My Opinions Public

  • Senators:

Kaine- https://www.kaine.senate.gov/contact/share-your-opinion

Warner-919 E. Main Street Suite 630 Richmond, VA 23219 Phone Number: 804-775-2314

  • HARO- help a reporter out 

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