O.R. – Plan A Contact List Brainstorm (Ella)

Ella Smith


Senior Thesis

Plan A Contact List Brainstorm

From 10/13 Committee Meeting:

  • Nelson County High School, western albemarle… educated adults in a school setting that can provide answers
  • Contacts at UVA?
  • PLAN B- Among ren students- more deep/specified
  • Personal connections?
  • ~20 sample size

From 10/18 Research:

  • https://www.umsl.edu/~lindquists/sample.html
    • “Target population (universe)”
    • Accessible population: the portion of the population to which the researcher has reasonable access; may be a subset of the target population
  • Maybe a church community?
    • Calvary Chapel Charlottesville.
    • Charlottesville Community Church.
    • CrossLife Community Church.
    • Faith & Grace Christian Fellowship.
    • Faith Hope & Love Church of Deliverance.
    • The Point Church of Charlottesville.
    • Restoration Cornerstone Church of Albemarle.
    • Sacred Ground Ceremonies.
  • College Students?
    • PVCC
    • UVA
      • UVA Center for Politics???
  • Retirement community- the elderly’s opinions??? 
    • What population am I testing from and how will it help my research?
    • The Colonnades~
    • Elderly people usually lean conservative so I thought this could be an interesting pool? However since they are at a retirement center, they may lack proper cognition…
  • Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society– good historical background, a good population
  • https://business.cvillechamber.com/list/ql/family-community-civic-organizations-9
    • The Jefferson School- It’s a school so they could have some good, diverse opinions, POC opinions are great (https://jeffschoolheritagecenter.org/)
    • McGuffey Art Center- opinions from artists could be nice- Kaii’s mother, Giselle Gatreau would likely be willing to help me if I asked her
    • The Paramount Theater- people who attend/run/volunteer at shows
    • Region 10- If I want to examine mental health in the original research?
    • (IF I’D LIKE TO BE BRAVE)- Charlottesville Police Foundation, Republican Party of Charlottesville
  • Renaissance Parents? Parent council help?
  • Do I need an incentive?
  • Monticello- Gramma has contacts on Facebook
    • My gramma used to work at monticello- they required the employees to read many books and have a good background
  • Reading Groups?? Book clubs?- LIBRARY
  • Meetups

From Ms. Farris:

“Yes, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this this weekend, and have the following ideas where I have contacts (or friend-of-a-friend contacts) and could make an introduction:

1. First Presbyterian in Charlottesville (center-right)

2. Bethany Presbyterian in Seattle (center-left)

3. Sojourners United Church of Christ in Charlottesville (hard left)

4. Beloved Arise in Seattle (LGBTQIA+ Christian youth group)

5. Charlottesville Pride

6. St Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle (hard left, in Seattle’s historically gay neighborhood)

7. St. Ambrose in Seattle (hard right, in Seattle’s historically gay neighborhood)

8. New Hope Presbyterian in Asheville (center-left – I think)

I realize this is a lot of churches, which you may not want to approach; however, Christianity is one of the primary reasons why LGBTQIA+ Civil Rights is a movement in the US, and not just a given.”

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