Original Research Documentation (Emmett)

One component of my Original Research is filming interviews with high-functioning* autistic people who participated in Drama-based therapy. Obviously, most of the filming will happen over Zoom. However, I will still need to learn how to edit the video. Even though I have done editing with Light House, I haven’t done as much editing stuff on my own, so I’m taking time to learn the process.


This article specifically helps with editing interviews. One helpful tip from this is to have an interview transcript at hand, to make things easier.

I’ve also done research on which video editing software is the best. One of my favorite softwares is Final Cut Pro X. The downside: it is quite expensive. And despite iMovie’s limitations, it may be the best software to use, simply because of the scope of the project. I may even talk to Bryan to see if there are any softwares that he likes using when editing videos.

*high-functioning autism is where people with autism develop mostly normal skills, but have a significant delay in acquiring those skills.

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