Original Research Documentation (Ella)

Documentation of Original Research

Date: 9/18/2020

Time Spent: 30 min

Notes: Today I created a google doc and wrote down all my thoughts about where my original research currently stands.

Date: 10/4/2020

Time Spent: ~15 min

Notes: Found some sources on survey writing

Date: 10/11/2020

Time Spent: ~1 hour

Notes: Took notes on sources found last weekend, started to brainstorm questions for the survey here.

Date: 10/13/2020

Time Spent: ~45 min

Notes: Brainstormed questions for next interview (Matthew Ray).

Date: 10/18/2020

Time Spent: 3 hours

Notes: Wrote surveys for Plan B– a Renaissance School Population, did some research for a Plan A population contact list.

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