Reversing Roe


The extent to which abortion has been politicised is extreme. Both Busch and Trump switched from being Pro-choice to being being pro-life in order to gain the evangelical vote. The focus of pro-life is so obscenely on “not killing babies” but not on the post natal support of the woman after the birth/ the quality of life of the baby once it is actually in the world.

The decisions of the courts have become so political that TRAP laws that have no scientific evidence of helping the health of women are still passed

Access to abortion is a matter of equality

Anti-Abortion did not used to be a “requirement” of the Republican party

When abortion was illegal white woman with money were still able to have safe access, numerous numbers of POC and low income were found in hospitals fatally injured from unsafe abortions. If abortion is illegal or continues to not be funded this will effect the POC and low-income the greatest. It perpetuates a cycle of poverty.

Citation: Reversing Roe. Directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg. Performances by Gloria Steinem, Linda Greenhouse, Troy Newman and Eleanor Holmes Norton, Netflix 2018.

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