The Citizen Lobbyist by Amanda Knief

Chapter One: What is Lobbying?

Lobbying = the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government. It means speaking out in favor of specific public polices, issues and even candidates (Knief 17).

“As elected officials, they are temporary workers who must constanttly strive to keep their positions. This creates opportunities for vocal citizen lobbyists to get their attention” (Knief 17).

“about 75% of all US congressional staff time is spent recieving, inventorying, and responding to constituent contacts”((Knief 19).

Chapter 3: Focus and Identify

“Monitering your members of Congress’s legislative action is vital to any activists plan to push an issue forward”(Knief 26).

Sites to use to track legislature: Politico, Mother Jones, THOMAS (twitter, facebook, websites) “anecdotal evidence can be powerful, especially when it comes firsthand” -make it slightly personal to be more powerful (Knief 27).

Chapter 4: Which Official?

“If the issue is local, talk to local officials; if it is national, talk to federal officials. The is to be able to tell any elected officials you talk to how embracing your issue or your side of an issue will affect their constituents or how it will affect the area represented by the public officials” (Knief 29).

“…making the connection with your public official. Putting a face to your issue for that official… is a big step in humanizing your issue, making it more personal for him or her, and making you part of the public policy discussion”(Knief 31).

know how/when my state legislature operates- resources in back. Keep a record of who you have approached and what you addressed. Email! set up a meeting!(Knief 36).

“Your value and influence go only as far as you are trusted. be accurate and provide unbiased information” (Knief 38).

Chapter 9: The Visit

“Treat the person you are meeting as a fellow human being and not just an obstacle to get through is good public relations” (Knief 43).

Chapter 10: Elections

VOTE LOCAL (Knief 47).

“Candidates for every office usually host some kind of public forum where the public is allowed to as questions…Be prepared with several questions about your issue…record”(Knief 47).


being informed on current stance of officials:

VA general assembly:

How To:

(Knief 58).

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