We the (White) People Lecture Notes (Eva)

  • Society regards black people and people of color as “other”
  • Constitution protected slavery without saying it outright 
  • Dred Scott vs Sandford
    • Was the constitution intended to benefit nonwhite people? Who is included in “We the People”
    • Can a Negro become a member of the political community and as such become entitled to the rights and immunities guaranteed by that instrument?
    •  Who are the beneficiaries of an organized political community?
    • The court is essentially asking if black lives matter
    • Dred Scott claims that black people were not considered as “people” in the constitution
  • Jim Crow and Plessy v Ferguson
    • Separate but equal


Charles, Guy-Uriel. “We the (White) People.” Emroch Lecture Series. 16 Sept. 2020, Richmond, University of Richmond.

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