Communication with Interviews (Ella)

(Will update this more once I get a response)

9/13/2020 Contacted my interviewees today.

Screenshots of emails:

Email to Karlin Luedtke of UVA’s Gender Studies
Email to Andre Cavalcante of UVA’s Gender Studies


I’ve received a response from one of my potential interviews and she suggested another professor. Overall, still a very productive email!

Email to Lisa Speidel (2nd interview (hopefully)/ “other” source)

Response from Interviewee (Cavalcante) 🙂
My reply to interview’s response (Cavalcante)

Follow-up to 2nd Interview (Speidel)

Speidel referred me back to Cavalcante (lol) and I interviewed Cavalcante 10/1. Ms. Claiborne provided me with another interview, which I have just scheduled our interview to be at 1 pm on 10/18. Second interview/other source is Mr. Matthew Ray who is very involved in the NYC drag scene. I’m excited!

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