The War on Choice: The Right-Wing Attack on Women’s Rights and how to Fight Back By Gloria Feldt

Gloria Feldt: Former CEO of Planned Parenthood, now NY times best selling author, expert on guiding women to leadership

Chapter 9: Fighting Forward

“The hard reality is that while support for pro-choice is high, choice will be lost unless many more supporters become activists” (Feldt 227).

1st: step off defensive and set agenda ourselves 2nd: Find your goals and find the root- inaccessibility to affordable abortion and birth control) 3rd: act with integrity and urgency (Feldt 231-232).

  • Policy Agenda
    • Contraceptive Equity: Secure coverage for birth control in all prescription insurance plans
    • Emergency Contraception: Make it universally known and available to all women so that we can reduce unintended pregnancies and abortions by HALF. Requite hospital emergency rooms to provide it to sexual assault survivors.
    • Medically accurate sex-ed
    • Access to abortion: Restore Medicaid coverage for low-income women. Train the next generation of providers and make sure that laws and policies guarantee their physical safety.
    • Freedom of Choice Act: Pass state by state and federal laws to guarantee that every women has the right to choose to use contraception or not, to conceive a child or not, and to carry a pregnancy to term or not
    • Research Initiatives: invent better contraception methods that do not mess with womens physical and mental health
    • Economic Justice: Join Forces with other civil rights and social justice organizations (Feldt 235).

Ways to Work Democracy 101

  • Participate in Lobby days
  • Go to speak-outs and candidate forums- and ask specific questions about where the candidate stands on our agenda issues
  • Visit elected officials in person: build relationships with people with power
  • vote local, vote vote vote
  • Make personal stories heard in letters and publications ( Feldt 238).
  • Create an email list to educate and motivate peers -be a cyber warrior
  • be aware of buisinesses that support/ dont women’s rights
  • don’t leave home without your politics: take flyers, brochures to bulletin boards etc.
  • let no attack go unanswered ( Feldt 253).
  • point out bias in the media ( Feldt 256).
  • Take an action Every Day

“for too long sex, sexuality, and reproductive health have been taboo subjects… make your voice heard” (Feldt 239). STIGMA

Idea from this chapter: OG research could be bi-weekly email list with attached surveys information, graphics, daily actions, publications, interviews (including pro-life), history, facts

Chapter 4: State of the Uterus

Handmaid’s Tail Analogy: Set in near future in the Republic of Gilead where most women are infertile bc of exposure to a toxic environment ( nuclear waste, pesticides etc.) A select few women who can still bear children are taking to camps where they are foced to become handmaids, birth mothers for elite families. In this world women are useful only as vessels to bear children. This is beginning to look like modern day with the legislation and regulations the politicians currently in power are trying to pass, or already have, to give fertilized eggs etc. more power and rights than the “vessels who carry them- women” (Feldt 88).

“The right-wing anti-choice strategy is clear: to elevate the status of a fetus- from the moment sperm and egg unite to form a zygote – to that of a person, for the specific purpose of eliminating women’s reproductive rights” (Feldt 90).

Paramount Human Life Amendment: would establish legal personhood from the moment of conception (Feldt 91).

  • Laws & Bills with a greater goal of fetal personhood
    • UVVA- Harm against pregnant woman = greater. Impact of crime on embryo not the woman(Feldt 92).
    • CHIP- Insurance given for prenatal care (Feldt 97).
    • Snowflakes- Christian lead adoption program for embryos created by unused fertilized eggs.

There is limited grants for research allowed on stem cells, which could provide answers to cures for many diseases, including Parkinson’s, diabetes, sickle0cell anemia, spinal cord injuries and Alzheimer’s (Feldt 100).

“The change in the legal definition of “child”, which does little to actually expand health care for pregnant women or protect children, was made for one purpose and one purpose only: it lays the groundwork for a multipronged assault on reproductive freedom by the courts, by congressional legislation, and by federal regulations” (Feldt 99).

“Pro-choice is pro-life… [women] believe that every child should come into the world a wanted child, not forced into being by a government…that does far too little to care for children once they’re born” (Feldt 103-4).

Interview With for former R Senator of Maine

“We know fora a fact that those who oppose a woman’s right to choose are both extremely organized and motivated. Those who would deny woman this right have clearly recognized the fundamental rule of politics- all politics are local- and demonstrated the influence and power of a well-organized, highly motivted, effective grassroots…” (Feldt 23)

Former R Representative Jim Greenwood of PA

“Since Roe, Americans know they basically have the right to choose, even though those rights are constantly being chipped being chipped away. The anti- choice side knows that, so far, they will remain on the losing side of the debate. SO they say, ‘I will not vote for anyone unless he or she is anti-choice’. If the polarities switch, the pro-choice people might become more doctrine. People become blasé until they lose [a right]” (Feldt 26).

Religion’s Take on Abortions pgs 107-112

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