What do I post here? And how?

image source: https://www.lavendermagazine.com/our-affairs/skirting-the-issues-blank-slate/

This is the site where all seniors post all their thesis research. This means:

  • MLA notes from books, journals, documentaries, and more
  • Interview video or audio files, or transcripts
  • Original Research logs and/or data, findings, and products
  • Other notes, findings, links, or things you don’t want to lose that may end up in your paper

If you’re reading this post, you’re in the right spot. You may be automatically logged in to WordPress, or you may need to log in, but once in you should have the option to add a post to this site (as long as you have accepted the author invitation sent in May).

There are a few post requirements:

  1. Include an image (e.g., the book cover, or your interviewee headshot)
  2. Make sure you have full MLA information included, e.g., author (or interviewee) name, publisher, title, date, and page number (or time); volume/issue information if given
  3. If any of the information came from a link, include the link
  4. Select your name as the “Category” (I can help with this if it doesn’t make sense)
  5. Make sure the title is something that describes the specific content of the post. “Book”: bad. “The Lemon Tree Notes”: good.

That’s it! For purposes of the Summer Workbook, you should have at least two posts (one for each of two of your 5+ books) by Wednesday 8/26 at 8:30am. Your 5+ book list for senior thesis should be finalized by that time as well, and you can update your list on the summer workbook sign-up sheet at any time.

In case you’re curious, the reason that all research is posted in the same place is that you, your committee, Ms. Farris, and Ms. Johnson, but especially you, can quickly access all of your research anytime from anywhere. This may seem unimportant now, but it is essential when it comes time to start writing the paper.

If you have trouble with posting over the summer, don’t worry – keep all of your notes together (e.g., in a well-titled Google Doc) and we will go over posting in the first week of school. Or, email Ms. Farris anytime to set up a Zoom, or with any questions!

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