MLA Citation

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Senior Thesis research must be MLA cited. This means you may want to use sticky notes to save direct quotes and page numbers, or you may want to write or type out your notes while reading, so that you can quote accurately. Be careful to save the sources of your quotes and facts!

Please do this so you don’t have to do your research twice. This is the biggest ST time saver.

Here is an example of what an MLA style in-text quote looks like from one of our summer reading books:

“Despite the forests of newspaper stories… documenting the intractable conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, precious little light had fallen on the human side of the story” (Tolan 1).

Please note where the period is. Please also note there is no “p” for page number, it is implied. MLA style is minimalist. More information is available at the Purdue OWL.

Here is an example of how the same book looks in the Works Cited section at the end:

Tolan, Sandy. The Lemon Tree. Bloomsbury, 2007.

Please note, order, capitalization, punctuation, etc. are all important. More information is available at the Purdue OWL.

When in doubt, make sure to get the author name, the publication date, the work title, the publisher or journal title, and NOTE THE PAGE NUMBER. We can always make tweaks if we need to, but we can’t go back to find the quote source if you lose it – use sticky notes, type or write while you read, and carefully save your quote sources!

Do you have questions about MLA citation for one of your sources? Email Ms. Farris anytime!

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